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Ray Bolger

Ray Bolger

Ray Bolger

Newsletter Audience Targeting: Trust the Data!

Mar 26, 2024

In the “post-cookie” world of targeting customers online, leveraging AI best practices offers the most strategic way to optimize ROI of marketing dollars across various channels, including newsletters. AI-driven platforms like identify real-time patterns and trends in audience behavior to make scientific decisions about where to place your ads that—on average—significantly outperform old-school methods of choosing media outlets. Hunches about certain publishers that might seem like a great fit for your brand frequently aren’t, in reality.

With hundreds and thousands of new online influencers and content creators constantly popping up and forming trusted connections with their engaged audiences, the vast amount of invaluable first-party data they provide about their subscribers collectively can’t be tracked and leveraged without the aid of AI. optimizes ad-targeting by continuously learning from millions of subscriber interactions to refine audience targeting, optimizing engagement and maximizing impact of campaign budgets.

With, your campaigns are simply configured and labeled with the precise tags to ensure your message reaches the most ideal B2B demographic segments (job titles, industry verticals, etc.) from among thousands of possible newsletter audiences. Once your campaign has launched, continuous monitoring and optimization ensures maximum results.’s custom algorithms process vast amounts of data from across thousands of newsletters in real-time, including click-throughs and verified clicks.

Our AI enables “mid-flight” performance analysis and campaign optimization to identify trends and anomalies, allowing you to make timely, data-driven decisions, as opposed to the old-school approach of “buy and let it fly,” where once media outlets were chosen, the fate of a campaign’s success was set in stone.’s real-time data allows for rapid adjustment of targeting parameters, ensuring resources aren’t wasted on underperforming ads. This agility is a significant advantage over traditional media buying, where feedback loops took too long to inform timely course corrections.

AI enhances every stage of the campaign process with, from the initial planning and selection of optimal newsletter outlets, to post-campaign analysis and billing, which in turn streamlines operations, boosts efficiency, and enhances campaign outcomes. By leveraging predictive analytics and real-time data, enabling automated adjustments during campaigns and easing the reporting process, empowers marketing professionals to execute more effective and data-informed campaigns—without relying on hunches!

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