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Ray Bolger

Ray Bolger

Ray Bolger

The Best Click Is a Verified Click!

Apr 15, 2024

It’s unfortunate, but in the real world of online advertising fraud runs rampant. One has to recognize this reality and take proactive steps to combat the constantly evolving strategies of determined fraudsters, who’d rather steal money from advertisers than find honest work.

According to a report by Juniper Research, 22% ($84 billion) of all online ad spend last year was stolen due to ad fraud, and it’s forecast to exceed $170 billion in 5 years. The good news? It’s estimated that at least $23 billion of theft per year can be prevented through effective fraud mitigation platforms. employs cutting-edge AI to stay one step ahead of sleazy actors and protect our clients who want to leverage the power of newsletter advertising without getting burned. Our algorithms constantly adapt to the tactics of would-be thieves as they emerge--whether in the latest form of fraudulent clickbots, or publishers and marketplaces that don’t truly have an advertiser’s best interests in mind.

The gold standard at are verified clicks, which means user actions that are authenticated and confirmed to have originated from genuine interest or intent, distinguishing them from accidental clicks or ones generated by bots. 

The Real Deal

In the context of email newsletter advertising, a verified click indicates that a recipient not only opened an email but also engaged with the content by clicking on an ad or link with a real intention to learn more, make a purchase, or take a specific action. This verification process ensures that a click is not the result of fraudulent activities, such as click farms or automated scripts designed to inflate engagement metrics falsely.

Verified clicks aren’t just about numbers; they represent real people, with genuine interest, interacting with a brand. This level of engagement is invaluable for understanding audience behavior, refining targeting strategies, and ultimately driving conversions. 

At, the verified-click validation process involves custom algorithms and analytics tools that track user interactions from the moment they click on a link or an ad within an email newsletter. Our system assesses various factors, such as the click's origin, the time spent after the click, subsequent actions taken by the user, and more, to determine the legitimacy of each click. 

Verified clicks can significantly enhance the return on investment (ROI) of advertising campaigns by focusing resources on channels and messages that resonate most with their target audience.

Data for ROI

Aside from preventing financial loss due to fraud, verified clicks provide marketers with the true foundational data they need to accurately analyze potential customer interactions and to refine their sales funnels. 

This includes the ability to identify marketing qualified leads (MQLs) that have been deemed more likely to become customers compared to others, based on their engagement levels with a company’s marketing content. 

These leads have typically interacted with a brand’s marketing efforts in ways that surpass basic actions, such as downloading a free piece of content. Other relevant actions might include repeatedly visiting a website, engaging in live webinars, or downloading multiple pieces of content that indicate a deepening interest in the company's offerings.

In B2B digital marketing and advertising, understanding and effectively managing the transition from MQL to qualified sales leads is critical due to the typically longer sales cycles and higher stakes involved in purchasing decisions. Verified clicks ensure that marketing efforts are aligned with sales objectives, optimizing the conversion process and ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and ROI.

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